Play Well

What’s Play Well all about?

If you’re caught in that tricky space between being a kid and a grown up, there is no doubt you’ve got loads of questions. Your body is changing, you start to want more independence and there seems to be so many decisions to make. But sometime it’s hard to ask if what you feel is normal, and you might just want to think things through a bit on your own before asking anyone about it.

Growing up can be a fabulously exciting time, but it can also be a time full of wondering who you are and where you fit in the world. Issues like body image, relationships, sexuality, drug use, stress, family and school expectations can all seem so big at times, but with some good information and someone to talk to they needn’t be too overwhelming. We don’t pretend to have all the answers here, but we can try; and we can also suggest where to go for more info.

As well as dealing with the psychological (head stuff), it’s also really important to look after the physical you. Being physically ‘well’ doesn’t just mean ‘not being sick’, it means eating healthy food and making sure you find time for some physical fun. It doesn’t mean you need to follow a diet of any kind, or spend a ton of money and join a gym, it’s just about balance. Throughout the website there will be tips and recipes designed for you, so you can start to get creative in the kitchen.

Have Fun, Get Physical, Eat Well and Talk to Someone

Having fun is that aim of the game – but staying safe and well is super important.

No matter what the challenges are, make sure you always have someone whose opinions you value and trust to help you weigh things up – and then when it comes to making your decision always go with what feels right for you. Part of becoming independent means taking risks, but with the right information and support, those risks can be reduced – we can help you to navigate some of them without too much stress by checking out the resources page and following some of the great links. Whether it’s dealing with bullying, sex and relationships, knowing how much of what to eat, feeling down or drug use, we’ve pulled together some of the most useful and fun websites for you.

As well as having someone to talk to, being physically active is a great way to manage some of the pressure of day to day life and it has the bonus effect of helping to maintain a healthy weight. Staying within the healthy weight range will not only help you feel good about yourself, but it also helps to lower the chance of having a whole bunch of other health issues now, or later in life. There is no need for any fancy footwear or expensive gym memberships, just a good balanced diet and some daily physical activity are a great starting point to playing well.

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