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Joel Bazley and Susan Renkert are two of the Health Promotion Officers from the Nepean Blue Mountains Local Health District's "Live Life Well @ School" program. Together, they have just completed a series of workshops across the Penrith, Hawkesbury, Lithgow and Blue Mountains LGAs with the aim of helping canteen managers to create a healthy culture around the food and drinks they serve.

Joel said, "The canteen managers that attended were enthusiastic and spoke about the changes that were needed to make sure their school canteen meets the criteria for the "NSW Healthy School Canteen Food and Drink" guidelines. They looked at portion sizes, sugary drinks everyday, and occasional foods, discussing how to make small adjustments that would result in the kids having access to healthier food choices".

Joel spoke about the free menu check service which is available to all NSW Primary Schools helping to guide them when making changes. Canteen managers can simply download this form, complete it and then submit their menu for checking, they will receive feedback designed to be reassuring and make the process smoother and easier for everyone.

The Team want to say a huge thank you to Richmond Public School, Blackwell Public School, Lithgow Public School and Springwood Public School, each of which hosted a workshop, welcoming nearby canteen managers, Health Workers and LLW@S Program staff into their schools.

... comment from a participant...

"Thank you so much for having these workshops, they really do help us to understand more about healthy menus and the menu check system"

Canteen managers or a nominated representative are invited to join the conversation and share ideas, through a new closed facebook discussion group called Canteen Network. (Just follow the link and request membership).

For more information on the Live Life Well @ School program or how they can support your school, please phone (02)4734 488.


Michelle, Gillian and Stella attending the canteen workshop at Springwood Public School.




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