Barriers to Quitting Smoking #2

#2 What if I slip up? 

So, you've decided that you're quitting smokes for the New Year. CONGRATULATIONS! you have taken the first big step to success - you have set a date.  Lot's of people worry that once they have a go at quitting  (and make it public knowledge), that they wont be able to stick with it, so here are 

5 Tips to Keep You On Track 

  1. Talk to your GP or Pharmacist about nicotine replacement therapy. Research says that you double your chance of a successful Quit attempt.  Take a look at these options
  2. Contact the QUITLINE  (13 QUIT/137848) in the days leading up to your QuitDate. They offer support and can check in to see how you are going. 
  3. Join the online community of Quitters and order a Quitpack from iCanQuit. or download the MyQuitBuddy app. If you want to see how it works, you can preview it here) 
  4. Get support. Surround yourself with positive people, let them know that you're quitting and encourage them to be your cheer squad. That's what helped Eliza
  5. Try to restrict yourself to places where smoking is not allowed. Shop inside a shopping mall, go to the movies (with the money you have saved) and use public transport.

What if I REALLY want a cigarette? 

  • Sorry, but 'just one puff'' is not going to work.  It's the most common way for smokers to return to their habit. Try to remember that the craving is the nicotine addiction talking, so remind yourself of all the rewards that come from quitting. The money, re-learning the taste of food, gaining your fitness back, kids and partners are happy to hug you again....and so much more. 
  • Remind yourself that cravings are short and they are gone in a few minutes - find something to do with yourself and your hands to distract yourself. Go for a walk, play a game on your phone (check MyQuitBuddy for tips) 

If you DO slip up...

  • It's not the end, and no you have not failed. Slip ups are just that, we know that addiction is hard to overcome and that habits are hard to break. Pick yourself up and try again, remember you are re-learning how to be a non-smoker again and that can take time. 
  • Don't be hard on yourself, use what you learned and try again . 
  • You CAN do it... there is a whole community of ex-smokers out there to prove it. 

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