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Announcing a NEW Community Sharps Disposal Bin

The Needle and Syringe Program of the Nepean Blue Mountains Local Health District has recently installed a new community sharps bin on the Lemongrove Campus, Gate 1, 13-29 Gascoigne Street Penrith. 

The bin is easily identified by its bright yellow exterior, and is accessible by foot or by car, with a set-down and drop-off zone in the front public carpark.

Community sharps disposal bins are an important resource for people who generate medical waste in the community. The term 'medical waste' generally refers to clinical material that is soiled with blood or body fluids, these items are sometimes referred to as  'biohazard' or 'contaminated'. 

While most items (like wound dressings) are unlikely to injure another person, sharps and lancets can cause a problem if not properly discarded. These items should never be disposed of in regular household waste; instead they should be contained in a puncture proof container like a PET bottle, and then deposited in a sharps bin. 

You can find a list of community sharps disposal services near you and across NSW by going to the SAFESHARPS website.

The term community sharps refers to  medical equipment which is used in non-clinical settings. It includes the needles, syringes, lancets and other items used in medical conditions (like diabetes, chemotherapy, migraine management) as well as people who use non-prescription drugs. In addition to the actual needles, associated contaminated waste can be disposed of in these bins - this may include alcohol wipes, water vials and spoons along with materials that are generated through tattooing and other skin penetration procedures. NOTE all waste generated by the skin penetration industry such as beauticians, tattooists and vets, should be disposed of under a business waste contract - NOT placed in community disposal bins. 

Please note that the community sharps bin previously situated near North Block at Nepean Hospital, has been relocated to the patient drop off zone outside the West Block (access off Parker Street). Check the Hospital Campus map 

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