Maintain a Healthy Mind

What is a Healthy Mind?

Maintaining an active mind is really important as we age. Staying tuned into local community activities, following an interest, even taking up a new hobby, are great ways to ensure that the world around us doesn’t contract. Research tells us that people who are lucky enough to have a naturally positive outlook, with an optimistic view of the world, do better than the worriers, but that’s not always as easy as it sounds, especially if you find yourself isolated, unwell or lonely.

Connections, Communication, and Relationships

The value of relationships should never be underestimated, but they become even more important as working life comes to an end and our daily contact with people outside of home can be reduced. The world can seem smaller, and problems appear larger if we live alone and don’t have people to talk to and to bounce our thoughts off.

Human connections are vital to balanced mental wellbeing, so be sure to make time for those people who are important to you, join a special interest group, volunteer or even arrange a regular coffee catch up with a friend.


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