Grow a Healthy Body

What is a Healthy Body?

A healthy body is one that is fed and nurtured with a variety of fresh nutritious foods, one that chooses playing in the sunshine over screen-time, and one that stays within a healthy weight range.

Overweight and obesity amongst children has been in the spotlight for some time, with the number of children starting school above a healthy weight continuing to grow. In fact in Australia about a quarter of 2-3 year olds and 21% of 4-5 year old kids are overweight or obese; and in our own Penrith, Blue Mountains Hawkesbury and Lithgow region we score high on the scales of overweight adults.

Why is this so important? Because the outcomes of childhood obesity are both short and longer term. Children who are above a healthy weight are more likely to remain obese into adulthood and, as a result, develop higher rates of chronic health conditions at an earlier age.

Fun, Food and Physical activity

The locally based Healthy Children Initiative delivers a range of programs in the community to support schools, school communities, children (from pre schoolers right through to early adolescents) and their families. They are aiming to make healthy eating and physical activity a fun, and natural part of growing up, creating healthy habits right from the start

Support programs:

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